About Local Social Strategy

Local Social Strategy was founded to help bridge the gap from Digital Marketing Agencies and Local Businesses. 

Let’s face it, most local businesses cannot afford to hire a digital marketing agency to do their marketing.

Because of this, most local businesses neglect their digital marketing efforts. 

Digital Marketing

Stand out online with a digital marketing strategy uniquely tailored to your business needs.

Website Design

Your website is a 24/7 sales vehicle. Deliver an amazing customer experience with a modern website designed to convert.


Video content increases engagement, drives traffic and delivers the content the way your customers like digesting it (by watching).

Our story

Instead of simply forming another social media marketing agency or a digital marketing agency, we wanted to establish a brand that local businesses could rely on to support their marketing efforts.  

Our approach is simple: we help you create a custom strategy and see it through.



We are passionate about marketing and go above and beyond to ensure that your business has support when tackling the daunting task of standing out online. 

We do this at the best prices around.

We don’t outsource any of the work because, to be honest, if we outsourced at the prices we charged we would break even or end up in the hole, ourselves.